New fare structures and fareboxes on local buses

Photograph of new electronic farebox

New transit pass products

Stored value cards

Good for RTS, ETS, and AMRTS buses

$10 or $20 magnetic media cards that allow you to ride the four regional transit systems for the new discounted rate.

Your magnetic pass can be used on any system at any time. Just swipe the card when you board the bus and it will deduct the correct discounted rate for that system. Let the driver know if you are entiled to a reduced fare before you board.

Day & month passes

Tell the driver you want to purchase a Day Pass or a 31-day Month Pass BEFORE inserting money into the farebox. Then insert the exact fare for the pass you want and the farebox will issue the pass. Take the pass from the farebox.

Day & Month Passes are valid for unlimited rides until the date and time of expiration printed on the back of the pass. The validity period, 31 days for a month pass, or 24 hours for a day pass does not begin until its first use, allowing them to be purchased in advance. Each time you wish to use the pass after purchasing it, simply swipe it through the card reader. When you hear a beep the pass is recognized as valid and you may proceed to board the bus.

Passes issued before the introduction of the new fareboxes will be honored until their expiration date. The fareboxes will not affect the HSU Jack Pass.

Comprehensive fare structure information

See individual transit agency websites for more comprehensive information on new fare structures:

More on using the new fareboxes

Have your exact fare ready to insert into the farebox before boarding the bus. Neither the driver nor the new farebox can make change or refund money put into the farebox on accident.

Paper money (bills) - Feed unfolded bills into the bill slot. The farebox will not accept bills larger than $20.

Coins - Drop coins, one at a time, into the coin slot. Coins accepted are: pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, halves & small dollar coins. Note: pennies will no longer be accepted after April 26th.

A digital display shows the exact amount deposited. When you hear a beep you have paid the correct fare and may proceed to board the bus. If you are entitled to a reduced cash fare be sure to tell the driver before you place your money in the farebox.


Tell the driver you want a transfer when you board the bus. You can only get a transfer upon boarding.

To use a transfer when you board a bus on another route simply insert it into the card reader. When you hear a beep the transfer is recognized as valid and you may proceed to board the bus.


If you have any questions call Humboldt Transit Authority at 443-0826.