Humboldt Transit Authority

Governing Board of Directors


Regular Meeting - December 16, 2009

HTA Conference Room - 133 V Street Eureka

9:00 a.m.

  1. Call meeting to order Page

  1. Approval of minutes

    1. Minutes from the November 18, 2009

regular board meeting. 1.

Action Necessary: Make corrections, if necessary. Approve minutes.

  1. Citizens Communications

    1. Members of the community are invited to comment on items

or transit issues not on the agenda.

  1. Consent Agenda

    1. Financial statement and performance reports. Handout

This item covers the operating statements and performance

reports for Redwood Transit System, Eureka Transit Service,

Willow Creek Extension, Quail, Arcata Dial-a-Ride and the AMRTS

Maintenance Contract.

Action Necessary: Receive and file.

  1. Discussion Agenda -

Items Requiring Action by the HTA Board

    1. Agreement for Operation of Bus Transit System in

the Southern Humboldt Area 3.

Humboldt Transit Authority is prepared to operate two (2) separate

transit services for the Southern Humboldt county area. Both

bus services, a fixed route and a commuter bus, are scheduled

to begin service on January 4, 2010. This agreement is the

contract between the County of Humboldt and HTA for operation

of those services.

Action Necessary: Approve the Agreement.

b. Americans with Disabilities Act Paratransit Plan

for Southern Humboldt Transit. 14.

The Federal Transit Administration requires that all fixed route

transit services adopt a paratransit plan demonstrating how

the transit service will meet the needs of ADA qualifying passengers.

This ADA paratransit plan is for the new fixed route service in

the Southern Humboldt county area.

Action Necessary: Adopt the ADA Paratransit Plan for Southern

Humboldt Transit.

c. Funding for the Humboldt Connection commuter

Service. 64.

The Federal Transit Administration has funding available for

commuter services through the Section 5311(f) program. HTA

staff wishes to apply for these funds for the commuter bus

service which will connect Southern Humboldt with Northern


Action Necessary: Adopt Resolution 09-05 authorizing staff

to apply for FTA Section 5311(f) funds in the amount of $100,000.

d. Letter of Rejection. 68.

Connie Brown has filed a claim against the Humboldt Transit

Authority for an incident taking place on the Eureka Transit

Service on October 29, 2009.

Action Necessary: Reject claim.

VI. Informational Items

This item will afford board members the opportunity to share

any relevant informational items that have come to their

attention since the last regular board meeting.

VII. Administrative and Board Member Items

This item will afford staff and the board members the opportunity

to relate any relevant activities which have taken place or come to

the staff’s or board’s attention since the last regular board meeting.

VIII. Adjournment