Travel Options:  For The Disabled Community

Paratransit Program for Eureka, Arcata, & McKinleyville Area

The Federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) is a civil rights law that, among other things, requires equal access to public transportation for persons with disabilities.  Transit Agencies must take specific steps to make        regular bus service accessible to persons with disabilities.  Regular accessible bus service is intended to be the primary mode of public transportation for persons with disabilities. 

The ADA also requires door-to-door ‘paratransit’ service as a ‘safety net’ for persons whose disabilities prevent use of accessible non-commuter, fixed route bus service such as the Arcata & Mad River Transit System (AMRTS) and Eureka Transit Service (ETS).  The federal government adopted minimum criteria that transit agencies have to meet in operating this complementary paratransit service.  Complementary paratransit service is intended to offer a comparable level of service to that provided by the regular bus service.  Paratransit service is not required nor intended to meet all the transportation needs of persons with disabilities.  Rather, it is intended to provide public transportation in a more specialized form.

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